Thank you for visiting my page and exploring my art! I have had a long love affair with photography of many types. My road to fine art photography has been a long process . I fell in love with photography as a journalism major at UW-Oshkosh. Once I took Press Photo I with Leroy "Skip" Zacher I was hooked! Shooting for two newspapers, I had hundreds of images published and the excitement never got old seeing my work published in print. I learned photography shooting a lot of black and white film and making prints in the darkroom. It was a great way to learn the basics.
In 2008 I started my own business and focused primarily on weddings. My photojournalism training helped me develop a style focused on candids and I drew a lot of great clients and a very solid portfolio. In 2012 I discovered a completely new genre of photography I really never knew existed--real estate/interior photography. It's an extremely rewarding (and challenging) discipline that provides me with a great career with a lot of flexibility--but it is very time sensitive and demands fast turnaround.
All of these different genres of photography have helped me in some aspect as a fine art photographer who specializes in street photography.  My photojournalism training gave me the ability to tell a story with an image and helped teach me how to arrange items in a composition.  It also instilled early on my love for black and white imagery.  Wedding photography helped me shoot and compose quickly as well as give me patience to wait for the right moment--to be ready.  Interiors and architecture has given me the ability to really plan through a photo.  It's also helped me tremendously in the "nuts and bolts" of editing.
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